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Endometriosis and Tampons Danger

By T. Sadar

In normal hygiene products (sanitary towels and tampons) there might be pesticides (due to the presence of non-organic cotton), chemical impurities and traces of dioxin, when the hygiene aids bleached with chlorine dioxide. Dioxin is dangerous, where producers used with hydrogen peroxide.

The average woman in her life consumes 11,000 tampons or towels, so it is important what type of products she use, because the impact of hazardous substances in these products due to continuing use is certainly important. Hazardous substances in these products enter the body smoothly and quickly, because the lining feature that allows easy movement of the substances.

Bleaching with chlorine (formerly of elemental chlorine with chlorine dioxide today) releases toxins into the environment, which remains found in the final product. Results of the production are highly toxic by-products, such as dioxins, which accumulate in the environment and animal fat cells. Similar environmental problems also arise when these chlorinated products are incinerated as waste, since then, dioxin smooth entry into the environment and accumulate in the food chain.

Dioxin, a by-product of the bleaching with chlorine dioxide (although in very small quantities, say producers), is directly connected with the development of endometriosis, which is a hormonal and immune disease in which the tissue, which is usually found in the uterus, grows outside and into other parts of the body. Endometriosis can lead to infertility, hysterectomy and increase the chances of certain types of cancer. Link dioxin with an increased incidence of endometriosis was demonstrated in the 1992 study in rhesus monkeys. Endometriosis affects women and girls from pre-teen to postmenopausal period.

In 1999, Osamu Tsutsumi, professor of gynecology at Tokyo University Hospital in Japan, conducted tests on the impact of dioxin on the human reproductive system, which showed that women, who had endometriosis, also had high dioxin levels in the body. In addition to the dioxin, endometriosis may also be associated with cancer!

When woman starts having different inflammatory processes, is usually the first doctor's advice to use cotton underwear. However, the problem will not be resolved if the woman at the same time without hesitation continue to use the hygiene facilities, which contain synthetic materials. Women who have skin allergies, itching, irritation, symptoms usually worsen during the month lingerie from contact with synthetic lining and plastic, which are found in most normal hygiene products.

To avoid the various risks, you can choose to use completely hygienic cotton products from organic cotton. In this way, you avoid contact with the synthetic and chemical ingredients that are found in normal hygiene products, as well as contact with non-organic cotton, containing high quantities of pesticides. Production of conventional, non-organic cotton is guilty for as much as 25% of the total world consumption of pesticides; more than 50% has been genetically modified.

Women who are aware of the need to reduce contact with synthetic materials and unnecessary chemicals and additives and hence want to remove possible cause of complications and diseases, opt for organic sanitary towels, which are made of pure and natural materials that are not bleached with chlorine and not contain rayon, plastics and related synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our health and the environment.