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Vissane - New Promising Drug for Treating Endometriosis

By T. Sadar

Recently new very promising drug appeared. It is called Visanne. This medicine has no effect on fat metabolism, has no effect on bone density and doesnt cause menopause-like symptoms. It is intended for women after surgery who do not intend to immediately plan the pregnancy, or those who have often recurrences of symptoms. So far it is merely intended to prevent the recurrence of ovarian endometriosis and peritoneal endometriosis.

Side effects are rare, but most women are bothered with irregular menstrual cycle during the first months of treatment, but this side effect usually doesnt last long. This drug is not declared as a contraceptive pill, so women who do not want to get pregnant are advised to take extra protection against pregnancy. If a woman decides to become pregnant, she may become pregnant after they stop taking the medicine Visanne.

It’s important to know that this drug isn’t a cure, but it (can) improve someone’s quality of life while researchers continue to investigate this disease. Its primary function is to treat endometriosis, or in other words, this drug just masks symptoms that women have. I also think it’s an important step because it means that someone out there is recognizing that there are women who need help.